Firstly I would like to apologise for the fact that I have not been posting much recently, I have had some interesting but not unwelcome change of circumstances out in the real world and have been somewhat on the busy side, I have also been hit with reader’s block to a certain degree and until recently have barely been able to get through a page. Anyway this isn’t a diary about me this is about the books I’ve read. As you might have guessed I have not really had the time to do much reading. I do however have a list set up of the books I would like to get through and post on here (which I will).

Here is my list of books I will be going through, I have already read one of them.

The Castle by Franz Kafka

The Memory Police by Yoko Ogawa

Hopscoth by Julio Cortazar

The Hour of the Star by Clarice Lispector


King Solomon’s Mines by H Rider Hagard.

Now I’ve picked The Hour of the Star as it is one of Clarice’s works of which I would naturally like to get through and Kafka because outside The Trial and the odd short stories I have actually not read a lot of his work. Hopscotch because it is known as a piece of work that takes a different route to how a book should be read. I have also picked The Memory Police and King Solomon’s Mines purely because they are from different cultures and worlds to what a working class Welsh man in 2020 is accustomed to.

As much as I like to stretch my horizons when it comes to reading works of certain authors and genres I am fully aware that there are some I have missed completely and some that I focus too much on. I will try to rectify this however, I cannot promise anything and I don’t want to promise something of which I cannot keep.

Eventually I do want to focus on short stories from authors and will write individual posts on individual stories from wider collections and volumes. This is because it would also be quicker for me to get a post out there and will also help when I get the odd bout of reader’s block.

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